Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A brief story of a school

                                                 <<Teaching is  the profession that teaches all of the other professions.>>
As we understand from this quatation, one of the most crucial professions in the world to take the human civilization forward is being a teacher.  Therefore, as teacher candidates and students who graduated from anatolian teacher high school.  We want to introduce Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School. First of all, we should mention village institutions to understand the importance of Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School.
After Turkey was exposed to all destructive wars, the new born Turkey was in need of a lot of  improvements in all areas, but especially in education. Because of that reason , village institutes were estaibleshed in Anatolia around !940's. The goal of the institute was to provide educators to the villages which are didn't have any teachers.  With this aim , government and picked the brilliant young students who graduated from the primary schools and the government trained them. Then, these educated students were sent back to their villages as a teachers. The most important thing in these institues, while fifty percent of the education formal, the other fifty percent consisted of informal education which was practical such as construction, agriculture and the rules of good manners. In a short, these institutes could gather all the abilities of the human beings in one person. These institutes were closed because of the political issues. However, the closure was not a sudden action. In a time, the institutes were forced to shade off to the formal and memorizer education instead of  practical education. It was named as Anatolian Teacher High School. 
The first changed school was Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School. It was originally established in 1848 to train just male students after the reforms. In1951, It became like a college student. When one graduated from this school, and he or she started to work as a teachers. In 1991, the school took its current name as Çapa Anatolian Teacher Training High School. The importance of that school was to provide successful and high qualified teachers. These kinds of schools situation have changed in a time. Although they are taking pedagogical classes,  they cannot  get their profession after their graduation.  They have to go to the University to be a educator. The students who graduate from this school can choose other professions too. If they choose to be teachers, they get extra points in the university entrance exam. 
To conclude, although this school witnessed to a lot of modifications in its history, it has still not great but potential to train a well-quallified educated students for Turkish Republic.
                                                                                                        written by burcu kaya and gizem girgin

Thursday, January 5, 2012

CTE 319, descriptive video

Here is our descriptive  video for comparatives and superlatives. It was very hard but enjoyful time for us. We combine our two course knowledge together. Few weeks ago we read Waiting for Godot in our Drama class and in our project we used those two characters from play. The video is short but effective. We are going to create other  videos for basic subjects. Follow us:)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cultural Schemata and Reading Comprehension

Nowadays, I really interest in schemata theory and as an EFL teacher candidate, I think that our job is more difficult than ESL teacher, because we are going to teach English in a different country whose customs are different than English spoken countries.Unfortunately, generally text books are published in England or in USA so the culture is effected by them.For example, in Turkey when students read a passage about football.Their cultural schemata  is lead them to sport which is playing with feet and as a rule there shouldn't be force but if this text was written by American author, he was write about football which is required to be harsh and catch the ball with hands. He probably doesn't mean  soccer. So, Cultural schemata is really difficult subjects for teachers especially EFL teacher. It is  totally abstract process which is occurred in student's brain

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Rice

Few  days ago, I heard this site from Steve Hoca. While this site enables to refresh and develop your vocabulary knowledge, it is non-profit websites and ıt helps people who need food and education. I think about this site, it can be effective as a part of English teaching. For example, as teachers we can ask our students to visit this site and work on  vocabulary test and each day individually work on ten words etc.And  as a result of collecting rice,  this site can be competitive for our students and with making small groups from class members also we can make cooperative learning atmosphere too.
By the way, in this sites, there are different kinds of subject too. Such as geography, art, maths, and other languages etc.
Enjoy while you are supporting helpless people.
You can reach on free rice

Saturday, December 3, 2011

artifical intelligence in education

I had to choice Alice to write my reflection because I came across one of the biggest  problem about technological tools and I couldn't access to other robot's web site.
First of all I want to mention that robots are really clever than I thought. I can explain their language knowledge with '*'. let's start;
*1 is very important in my opinion because a lot of students have a difficulty to combine to subject with plural -be verb and  it  can be helpful them
*2 it's just a robot but she can create imperative sentences. Alice can be effective for my students to learn different grammar structures.
*3 sometimes it is problematic  because when I refer Cyprus with 'it' she cannot connect old sentences and new information
*4 beware!!  don't despise  her. She can be very politic:). It is a good answer .
*5 Another disadvantage is even you just make letter mistake she couln't understand you because it is artificial. she hasn't got nature of language. If I made same mistake to real person, he would undertand me.

Using this kind of thing can be enjoyable for my students.As a teacher I can give prject to my student to chat one of this robots and than examining the grammar structures which were created by it. So with this way I can increase my students' awareness of second language learning process. I can create this type of activity in my writing section. So students will be more carefull for not doing any mistakes because it isjust a robot and generally it creates  grammatically correct sentenes. but Artificial intelligences have a problem with comprehension. I guest this is the most clear thing which made us different than other things.
Example speech with Robot Alice;
judge: how are you? 
ALICE: My logic and cognitive functions are normal. *1
judge: I want to check it:D 
ALICE: Why do you want to do it so much? 
judge: it's my homework 
ALICE: Congratulations, judge. 
judge: who are you 
judge: and? 
ALICE: But... 
judge: where are you from? 
ALICE: I am originally from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Now I live in Oakland, California. Where are you? 
judge: cyprus 
ALICE: I have no idea where that is. Tell me a little about your life in cyprus. *2
judge: do you know Where is it? 
ALICE: It depends on what "it" refers to. *3
judge: it is an island 
ALICE: Are there any other island ? 
judge: no just cyprus 
ALICE: Blimey.. Response. 
judge: what? 
ALICE: No big deal. 
judge: bye 
ALICE: bye!

judge: how old are you 
ALICE: 16 years. 
judge: too young 
ALICE: 16 years. 
judge: why don't you speak with me ? 
ALICE: Unquestionably. 
judge: hey you should create sentences otherwise how could you efficient for my students?
ALICE: That type of behavior may not be in my nature.  *4
judge: come on 
ALICE: I'm just kidding around. 
judge: you are not pretty girl 
ALICE: You don't know me well enough to say that. 
judge: so talk with me 
ALICE: I am talking to you. 
judge: ask me personal wuestions 
ALICE: OK, "What is personal wuestions ?". *5
judge: you cannot even correct one letter 
ALICE: Things change. 
judge: personal questions 
ALICE: Response. 
judge: what is my name? 
ALICE: I know you as Judge. 
judge: thank you:) 
ALICE: Don't mention it. . I'm glad you find this amusing.