Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free Rice

Few  days ago, I heard this site from Steve Hoca. While this site enables to refresh and develop your vocabulary knowledge, it is non-profit websites and ıt helps people who need food and education. I think about this site, it can be effective as a part of English teaching. For example, as teachers we can ask our students to visit this site and work on  vocabulary test and each day individually work on ten words etc.And  as a result of collecting rice,  this site can be competitive for our students and with making small groups from class members also we can make cooperative learning atmosphere too.
By the way, in this sites, there are different kinds of subject too. Such as geography, art, maths, and other languages etc.
Enjoy while you are supporting helpless people.
You can reach on free rice


  1. Nice to see your grains of rice accumulating in the METU NCC TEFL group. :) Perhaps you can cajole a few more of your fellow TEFL students to contribute?

    The 'game' is somewhat addictive. It would be interesting to find out exactly why. The format is unusual, as you are given the correct answer when you make a mistake, and then given an opportunity to answer the question again. After a few games, you can recall words you have never learned before. So, it appears to convert short-term memory to long-term memory in the process.

  2. yes ,hocam. I also like this feature of site. It enables us not a so-called exercise,it teachs effectively. I really get some key points especially for grammar.

  3. This site makes students encouraged because they know they will reach somewhere and it creates a good racing environment which is also good for them :)