Friday, September 30, 2011

reflective paragraph for tool

the tool will be benefitial in order to increase the success of class because teacher can reshape the way of teaching with the help of  students' wishes and ideas. They can decide which activity will be prefer to complete their deficient knowledge. Of  course , in some way students will try to use this tool in order to make lesson  more easy for them. Teacher should be aware of that.  But some students have a difficulty to express their idea to teacher. This tool should be benefitial for them because you can write your idea without writing your name on it.  I really like this tool I  want to use this system frequently as a students and later as a teacher because it provides very active classroom environment. The learning process is accomplished by students so as a teacher we should be sensitive to students' wishes.

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  1. Good point about anonymity. This is, of course, a double edged sword, as people can say nonsense under the cloak of anonymity. It would depend on the relationship you develop with your class, and group dynamics.