Wednesday, October 5, 2011


              I have just met twitter last  friday. Actually I didn't even wonder what it  looks like.  Because I heard about it only silly things. Famous people (generally  pop stars) share interesting information or  personal information to make their own more popular.But in our first class I recognized  that I can search or follow the effective people who is professional on my branch. Actually this type of social sites are very optional. You can just use it for spending time or develop yourself. If we look from this side, it will be really effective  because you can create your own network so you can just deal with  your interests. Let's look at the effectivity of twitter on  education.
           First of all, you can create  environment which is most likely Dogma. Last semester we deal with it . The main idea is creating learning environment which is not restricted in class.With twitter , we also contunue to learn after class hour. We can share  useful links with our friends in a second on twitter. we don't have to wait for next class session. Another advantage is  occuring discussion  about our class works. Fourthly the last minute changes or requirement can share quickly by teacher. The last thing I want to mention is the restricted area for writing  not like other sites or blogs you can just share 140 character so  the students are getting  more plain on writing. Summarization skill will be developed with the help of twitter. Of course, there is some disadvantages of  twitter. let's see
 First of all, students can start to use it just for fun instead of education. You have to be sure your student don't cheat on you . The second  disadvantage is we live in the developing country not the one which is developed.So all students cannot have computer or phone to axcess quickly on web,Twitter. We should be aware of students' situation. Because it could be hard to go internet cafes to axcess on web for students.
            To sum up , I believe that each person has a right and option to use something in a benefitial way or not. As a teacher , if we are good guides  to them, they can benefit from the Twitter.

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  1. Some good reflection on the positive and negative aspects of TWITTER. I'm still not sure about the education value of TWITTER, but it is worth exploring, as you mention, to see what benefits we can find to help our students in learning.